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Global coverage for the baby potty trained at just six months old

We were astounded when full-time mum Raluca Oniciuc from Hertfordshire, called us to say she’d potty trained her six-month-old daughter, Izabella,  when it normally takes most mothers two to three years.  But after hearing Raluca’s top tips on motherhood we knew a newspaper would love her story.

Raluca told us that she ignored the midwife’s advice about putting Izabella into a routine and followed Izabella’s natural ‘routine’ instead. Raluca, who played baby Mozart to Izabella when she was pregnant, fed Izabella when she wanted feeding and let her sleep when she was tired. She believes that all parents should listen to their children as they’re more intelligent than adults give them credit for.

Raluca says that when Izabella wants to go to the toilet she simply says ‘boo boo’ and either Raluca, or her husband, Finn, 45, a chauffeur,  will lift her onto it.  The couple say if they don’t take her to the potty they she will end up constipated and upset.

‘We instantly know when Izabella wants to go to the loo because she communicates with us,’ says Raluca, who used to be a nanny. ‘Babies are not speaking ‘goo gah’ they’re trying their best to tell you want they want. If you listen to them more then you will pick up on the noises they’re making and know what they want.’

Raluca’s story appeared in several national newspapers including the Sun, Express and Daily Mail, and also in publications as far afield as Romania and Australia!

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