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Holiday Nightmare Story

Danny Binks stabbed in Turkey

Read our latest holiday nightmare story about a lady whose romantic getaway turned to blood shed after her boyfriend was stabbed four times in Turkey

Remi Simson, 21, thought she was on a romantic holiday with her boyfriend Danny Binks, 20, from Blackpool. But after being wrongly accused of stealing a watch, Danny was attacked by 15 armed thugs in Bodrom, Turkey, before being stabbed four times in front of girlfriend Remi.

In a story that made national news headlines in July this year, the joiner nearly died and had emergency surgery for chest and liver wounds and cuts to vital arteries.

Fortunately, he pulled through the ordeal and whilst in hospital popped the question to devoted girlfriend Remi and the pair are now engaged. Just last week the couple finally managed to return home to Blackpool after Danny was discharged from hospital – more than a month after first being admitted, costing his insurance company £50k for medical care.

Danny has now been vindicated of any theft accusations while a man has been arrested in Bodrum in connection to the stabbing.

‘I’m happy that I am back in the UK now and that I have been vindicated. I will never go back to Turkey, it is so dangerous. Brits need to be careful when they are there because we must be easy targets.’

 We placed Danny’s story exclusively with The Daily Mirror and are now in the process of securing him two magazine deals too.

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