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How do I sell my photos to the media?

How do I sell my photos to the media? If you have taken some photos that might be newsworthy then you can sell them right here.

Talk to the Press works with every major publication on the planet. We will ensure you get the highest payment possible for your photos, videos or stories.

We will consider any newsworthy photos or videos

Simply tell us about the story or video you want to sell using the form on this page. Or submit your image or video to our team using the Transfer Tool on this page.

Your content will never, ever, be used without your permission. Anything you send us will be used for valuation purposes only.

How do I sell my photos to the media?

This is where you can sell your newsworthy photos and/or videos to TV stations, websites, magazines and newspapers around the globe

A mountain biker was riding in Calabasas, California when he came across the wreckage of a helicopter. He took photos and videos of the scene. Then he discovered it was the helicopter that was tragically carrying Kobe Bryant and his daughter.

He immediately knew that his photographs would be of interest to the media and the general public so he contacted TTTP.

Our team of journalists were able to verify the authenticity of the images. The source signed a Media Distribution Agreement to confirm that he owned the copyright.

Selling pictures is simple and quick

The source asked to remain anonymous and so our journalists ensured that his name did not appear in the story.

His photographs were sold for substantial sums of money to numerous media outlets around the world. These included TMZ, The Mail Online, Inside Edition, ABC News, Entertainment Tonight (NBC), Telemundo, The Sun, CBS News, The New York Post and many others.

The source received 50 percent of all the money generated from the sale of his pictures. He was paid promptly via PayPal.

If you would prefer not to provide your banking details, you can just send an email address that is connected to your PayPal account.

How do I sell my photos to the media? It’s easy!

If you’ve been thinking, ‘How do I sell my photos to the media?’, you’re in the right place. Get in touch with TTTP as soon as you have taken your photos or videos. News is better when it’s new! Our fully-trained teams of journalists will assess the authenticity of your images. Then we will help you place them in your favorite media outlets for the maximum payment possible.

Fill out our online form here to see how much your pictures and video could be worth. Or send them to us using the Transfer Tool on this page for a free valuation.

Or you can call the number at the top of this page.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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