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How I feed my family for just £50 a week – mum shares her inspirational tips

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Not all the stories we deal with at Talk to the Press involve dramatic, life-changing events. Mum-of-four Denise Bona got in touch with us as she simply wanted to share her simple tips on how to feed your family for on a tight budget, and her story appeared in the Mirror’s Your Life section.

Denise, 46, prides herself on her thrifty nature and says she can feed her family for less £50 a week, which is no mean feat considering she has a husband and several hungry young mouths to feed! She says her secret is making a detailed note of everything she needs and sticking to her list religiously.

She buys budget brands wherever possible and cooks everything from scratch, getting the cost of each meal down to less than £3 – less than the cost of a single microwave meal.

Her signature dishes are all traditional favourites, including sausage and mash, spaghetti bolognese, shepherd’s pie, pasta bake and stew and dumplings, and she even has her own vegetable patch in the garden, where she grows everything from rhubarb to cucumbers.

Denise says: ‘Thank you so much for getting my story into the Mirror, I was so excited when I saw it in the centre spread! I hope I got the message across that you can feed your family for a fraction of the cost.’

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