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How to sell information to the press

How to sell information to the press

Want to find out how to sell information to the press? You’re in the right place.  Talk to the Press help members of the public sell their information to the national press.  This week a member of the public, Sally-Ann, contacted us about  how she believes killer cabbie Christopher Halliwell killed her friend.  We placed her story in the Sunday Mirror.

Last week killer cabbie Christopher Halliwell made headlines as it emerged police were searching his gardens in connection with missing Sallyann John.

After reading the news, Sallyann John’s former pal, also called Sally-Anne, got in touch with us to say how she believed the cabbie was responsible for her friend’s disappearance in 1995.

The pair were just a stone’s throw from one of the former homes of Halliwell, who is serving life for two murders but is feared to have killed more.

The mum lived with Sallyann for 18 months in Ponting street, Swindon – just a five minute walk from the two houses police are currently excavating on Broad Street in connection to the case.

Sally-Anne tells how Christopher Halliwell was a customer of hers and she recognised him when she saw a police mugshot of him with long hair.

She also believes he may have been Sallyann’s mystery customer who used to pay her to ‘stay in’ – something he did with Becky Godden before he murdered her.

Sally-Anne recalls a terrifying moment where she was in the car with Halliwell and he ‘creeped’ her out by caressing her neck so she got out of the car.

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Speaking from her home, she said: “I’ll never forget Halliwell. He was weird and strange. I was always quite wary of him.

“Our job wasn’t always bad and nor were all our customers, but there was something about him I didn’t like.

“I’d love to visit him in prison and try and get the truth. Just to remind him who I am and see if he remembers me.

“Sally-Ann was an amazing friend. I want to help find her body so we can put her to rest.

“I took the photo of Sally-Ann in the red top, everytime it pops up on the news it brings it all back.

“That night we’d been in the pub behind our old house – we used to go there alot and sometimes did karaoke there. Although we were prostitutes our life wasn’t all bad. We used to have girly fun too.”

She said: “I turned my life around but Sally-Ann wasn’t so lucky.

“Halliwell was a customer of mine and it could have so easily have been me.

“I want to face Halliwell and ask him if he did it. We need to find Sally Ann’s body and put her to rest.”

Get in touch if you want to sell information to the press

Do you have information on Christopher Halliwell or a high profile killer?  Contact Talk to the Press today and we’ll walk you through how to sell information to the press.

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To find out more about how to sell information to the press, see our Sell My Story page.  You can also find more ways of contacting us here.  Or, if you want to sell information to the press anonymously, visit: https://www.talktothepress.co.uk/do-you-have-an-anonymous-newspaper-tip-off-well-pay-you-for-it/

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