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How to sell a celebrity photo

Sell a celebrity photo right here. Get paid for your images and track your payments in real time. Simply fill in the form on this page to tell our team about your images. Or send them in using the image transfer tool on this page.

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How to sell a celebrity photo to Newspapers, Magazines & Websites

Have you taken a picture or video of a celebrity? Do you want to sell the story to the international press? Find out how to make money from your celebrity pictures here!

Did you come across a celebrity out and about and manage to take a picture and video? Do you want to sell that material to the international press and make money?

You have come to the right place. Just get in touch with Talk to the Press by filling out a quick story form and one of our reporters will get back to you quickly.

Talk to the Press is a free service that helps people sell their stories to the international media. We work with publications all over the world, including Daily Mail, Fox News, Inside Edition, TMZ, The Sun, The New York Post, The Mirror and many more.

How one person took pictures of Nicolas Cage which made headlines around the world

A holiday-goer was in New Orleans for Mardi Gras when he happened to see Nicolas Cage and his new girlfriend arrive at a famous cemetery in the Louisiana city.

The tourist took pictures of the famous actor and captured a video clip and later found out that Cage had been visiting the tomb he had bought for himself at the cemetery.

Our client realized that his pictures and video could potentially be worth something and contacted Talk to the Press by filling out the quick online form.

A reporter immediately called him back and conducted an interview.

He sent the pictures and, once the reporter had verified the footage and images, she wrote up the story.

The article was placed with the Daily Mail as an exclusive for a substantial amount of money.

Sell your story to the national press

The Nicolas Cage pictures were in high demand and appeared in publications all over the world including People, Metro, Lad Bible, The Evening Standard and more.

Each publication paid our client every time they used the pictures and video, adding up to a nice pay day for a few quick snaps and a short clip!

How to sell your story to the international press

If you want to make money from the celebrity pictures and video on YOUR phone, just get in touch with Talk to the Press.

The easiest way to tell us about your story is to fill out a story valuation form. It takes under a minute!

If you would rather speak to one of our trained reporters, call the New York office on 646 873 7565. Or if you are based outside of the US, contact our UK office.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing those celeb pictures!

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