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How to sell a celebrity story

Do you have information, photos or videos and are wondering how to sell a celebrity story?

Last week our story on Lisa Riley’s weight loss appeared as a double page spread in the Sunday Mirror. Galia Grainger, who runs Slimmeria, helped Lisa kickstart her diet after she stayed at the slimming retreat for a week last August. Galia wanted to know how to sell a celebrity story to help her promote the retreat, so contacted Talk to the Press.

Incredibly, Lisa lost 1 stone and five inches from her waist after going on a low calories diet at the retreat and learning healthy lifestyle tips. Today, 10 months on, she’s lost 7 stone and looks barely recognisable.

Despite achieving the fantastic results naturally through sheer hardwork and determination, Lisa has been forced to deny gastric band rumours.

She said: “If one more person asks me about a gastric band then I swear I will be tempted to cut myself open and show people there’s nothing there.”

We told the Sunday Mirror how Lisa shifted the pounds living on 400 calories a day and exercising up to four hours and secured an exclusive deal for the story. Weightloss guru Galia said: “Lisa always keeps me up to date with her weight loss. She told me she’d cut booze out for good and was keeping up the long walks and Zumba dance fitness classes.

“I’m so proud of her. Slimmeria isn’t about adopting a sustainable diet, it’s a kickstart approach to get people back on track while educating them on food so they can make lifestyle changes – exactly what Lisa has done.”


Talk to the Press will show you how to sell a celebrity story

Every month we place dozens of weight loss and celebrity tips with the papers and women’s magazines. If you’d like to find out if you have a story which can work for us then contact us on 0207 549 5406 or fill out the STORY VALUATION form on this page.

Please do not send your story anywhere else until we’ve got back to you. One of our dedicated team will contact you back within 24 hours.

Once we’ve spoken to you over the phone, we’ll ask you to send over pics or any supporting evidence you have on your story or celebrity tip.

After, we will write a brief synopsis and pitch it to our fantastic contacts inhouse on the papers and magazines. Our aim is to secure you as many deals as possible, and ensure the story is told in the way you want it to be. If you’re not happy with an offer we secure you, you’re not obliged to go through with any media and all of your information will stay 100 per cent confidential.
However, please be aware that if you do accept an offer and have signed a contract and posed for a photoshoot, it’s difficult to drop out at the last moment and the publication do retain the right to run the story.

You can read more about how to sell a story here, or if you want to read more about selling a celebrity story, click here.


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