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How to share my story with the press

Have a news-worthy story to share? Find out how to share my story with the press right here.

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Do you have a shocking story to tell? Did you snap a picture of a celebrity on the streets? What about a video that is sure to go viral? Reach out to Talk to the Press and get your story in the news. We will pay you for it.

The fastest way to sell your footage and be featured in the press, guaranteed. Reach out now to see what your story is worth.

Follow these simple steps and we will teach you how to have your content featured on the news.

How to share my story with the press in three easy steps

Time needed: 10 minutes

How to share my story with the press; newspapers, magazines or websites…

  1. Submit your Story, Video Footage or Photos

    Use the form on this page to tell us a little bit about the story, video or photo you want to sell. Alternatively, you can use the upload tool on this page to send your footage or pictures to our team.

  2. We review your Story, Video Footage or Pictures

    One of our team members will call you if your submission appears to be newsworthy. At this stage we’ll need to find out the details from you and we can provide an estimate of how much it’s worth. We won’t ever publish anything without your signed permission.

  3. Publish your Story, Video or Pictures

    If you’re happy to go ahead, we’ll get your story published around the world, for the highest fee possible. You can track all of your payments through our payment tracking service.


How to share my story with the press - Talk to the Press

We supply hundreds of different stories to the international press every day. Here’s one example of a story that broke the internet through Talk to the Press.

This man, otherwise known as the Gorilla Glue man, pranked the internet by pretending to have a cup stuck to his face. A few days later he decided to reach out and tell us what really happened. While dozens of outlets and social media accounts talked about his huge accident, we shared the real story. It was a hoax.

The contributor filmed every step of the prank and then sold the story for extra money.

He decided to share the real story with us at Talk to the Press and we got the story published in the Sun immediately.

Sell Your Story

If you have content that belongs in the media, you’ve come to the right place. Talk to the Press makes it quick and easy to contact a journalist with your photos and videos.

Here’s how to get started: first, fill out this short form. This will tell us a little about your content. Do you prefer to speak to someone immediately? You can also call our news team directly here.

Once completed, a member of the news team will reach out to you via phone or email to get started.

Here’s how to share your story with the press

After the Gorilla Glue man saw his prank go viral, he immediately contacted Talk to the Press. He couldn’t believe how much the truth behind his little prank was worth.  

All it took was filling out this simple online form.

After explaining the truth in an interview with a reporter, he sent us all of the proof and we began putting the story together.

How much money will my story make?

After the story was written, our reporter contacted our direct contact at the Sun. As a result, after seeing all of the photos and videos, the Sun then bought the exclusive rights to the story.

It was then published online and the story was viewed thousands of times all around the world. The Gorilla Glue man then received 50% of the money generated from the story.

Talk to the Press works with every major news outlet. Our goal at Talk to the Press is for us to reward our contributors. Therefore, whatever money we make, you make.

We promise to always pay top dollar for your content. Talk to the Press is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. Therefore, you can maintain your anonymity if you so choose.

What are you waiting for?

Talk to the Press is the fastest way to get your story in the news now.

To make it even easier you can send your assets straight to our team from here. Look at the bottom of the page to transfer your photos and videos now.

Rest assured that all of your photos and videos remain your property at all times. You will always be the copyright holder and we will never publish without your written consent.

Fill in the story valuation form to get started today, or call our team directly.

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