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Campaign for a cause

Campaign for a Cause

Campaign for a cause

Charities, pressure groups and good causes up and down the country often struggle to raise awareness of their work.

That’s where we can help!

Talk to the Press regularly helps charities place case studies in national newspapers and women’s magazines, securing fees for the people telling their stories and securing valuable publicity for the charity concerned. And most importantly, we ensure the good causes is fully credited.

We have strong relationships with a wide range of publications and understand the sort of stories they are interested in. This means we can help charities identify the strongest angle for their case studies and then find the right place to sell it.

For instance, by telling the true story of one of their volunteers, we have recently secured the VSO a double page spread, including a credit and their name mentioned many times in the piece, in the Daily Mail. When she saw the piece, Rachel from the VSO press office emailed us first thing to say: ‘Well, a big massive thank you is in order! The article yesterday was just fantastic and everyone is so happy here. I owe you a  very big glass of wine at some point! Once again thank you and I am looking forward to working with you on more features.’


Campaign for a cause: how does it work?

First, you’ll need to identify people who have an interesting story and who are willing to be a case study (for instance, the Twins and Multiple Birth Association recently put us in touch with Hazel Bowden, the only known woman in the UK to have had twins, twice, in under a year).

Once you have confirmed the individuals in question are interested in sharing their story, just send their details across to us. We will give them a call for an informal chat and ask them a few questions about their experience. If we think the story has potential, we can start pitching it to our contacts.

Once a publication has commissioned the story, we will phone the case study for a more in-depth interview before writing up the copy in house and sending it to the publication. They may be asked to do a photo shoot and before they know it, their story will be appearing in print!


Campaign for a cause: Sensitive storytelling

We understand that for many people, sharing their story with the media is a big step. They may be a little nervous about speaking publicly about what they have been through or be worried about how their  story will be handled. Our team has a lot of experience interviewing people who have been through incredible experiences. We do everything we can to make people feel at ease and are always willing to have a chat about any concerns they may have.

Case studies are often comforted to know that when we write copy in-house, we always read back the article to them over the phone. This gives them the chance to make any changes or clarify anything they are unsure about. Many case studies tell us how telling their story has been a cathartic experience. By sharing their story, they can raise awareness of an issue that they care deeply about and inspire others who are in the same situation.

Campaign for a cause: the next step

If you are interested in placing your case studies in newspapers and magazines, or in us advising you how to raise the profile of your campaign or good cause, please get in touch with us today. We can talk you through the process and offer you some tailored advice.

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