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I married my holiday romance – this week’s Take a Break magazine

This week Urszula Perez shares her her happy holiday romance story with Take A Break magazine. Urszula met the love of her life, Felix, 28, when holidaying in the Dominican Republic in January 2011 with her sister.

Although Urszula,28,  says it was love at first site some of her friends were suspicious of Felix’s intentions. Despite this, they wed less than five months later and now she’s a few weeks away from giving birth to their child.

Urszula’s ‘friends’ sent her emails a few weeks before the wedding saying that Felix was only marrying her for a passport and that he would empty her bank account once he was in the UK.

Urszula, a web designer based in London, met Felix three days in to her two week holiday last January.  Felix, a dancer in the hotel where she was staying, came over to Urszula when he saw her dancing with her sister in the main room.

After that night they were inseparable and Felix would spend all his spare time with Urszula. After the holiday Urszula and Felix continued to talk constantly and would both rack up £400 a month phone bills on one another.  In June 2011 they got married on a beautiful beach in the Dominic Republic. It was a small ceremony with close friends.  Although Urszula was due to fly home after the wedding she couldn’t leave Felix so she dropped all her commitments in the UK and stayed out there. Three months later she fell pregnant with their first child. Felix moved back to the UK with Urszula in October 2011 and is now working in construction until he finds something more permanent in dancing. Urszula has since given birth to a beautiful girl called Nayla.

‘People say love at first sight doesn’t exist but we’re proof that it does,’ says Urszula. ‘It was like something from the film Dirty Dancing – we were inseparable after meeting one another. We have so much in common. I never thought I’d meet my soul mate on a two week holiday. But I did, I’m so happy and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him and our daughter.’

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