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If you’re making headlines, when is the right time to talk to the press?


paparazzi photographersYesterday, we were contacted by an individual who is the lady that a major celebrity left his pregnant wife (another major celebrity) for. Let’s call them Celebrity A and Celebrity B.

It sounds like a story that everyone would be interested in – the problem is, the events happened ten years ago. Celebrity A and Celebrity B are both still household names, but since then, Celebrity A has become known for being a bit of a player, and Celebrity B has been married several times.

Ten years ago, our story teller was offered £25,000 for her story. But what it is worth today?

The issue is, unlike the price of say petrol or cotton, which continue upwards with the passage of time, the price of a story is at its highest when the story is happening, and reduces with time. Today, with so much water under the bridge in terms of both celebrities lives moving on so vastly, we’re not sure we can place the story at all.

If you find your life making media headlines, you might feel like a rabbit in the headlights, and just want the attention to go away. But quite often, once the dust settles, with a bit of space and time to reflect, you will feel like sharing your story.

Our advice is to not rush into anything, and to only talk when it feels right to you. But bear in mind, if you want to be paid for your story, and you want to be sure there is interest in your story, it’s wise to speak sooner rather than later.

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