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Inspirational Animal Story


Do you have an inspirational animal story – if so, we’d love to hear from you? Nothing raises people’s spirits like an amazing pet story! Read about Gemma McKee’s incredible dog story.

PROFESSIONAL dancer Gemma McKee shared the stage with superstars such as One Direction and Olly Murs before a freak accident ended her career. After breaking both heels during a routine, the pretty performance artist was facing the prospect of life in a wheelchair. But during her darkest days, the one friend who remained by her side was her loyal pet – a Great Dane called Cesar.

As Gemma adjusted to life with metal plates in both feet and months of painful rehabilitation, her four legged friend was a constant comfort. Now, in an incredible twist, the 26-year-old is back on her feet and it is Cesar who now cannot walk after a spinal condition left him unable to use his hind legs, meaning he now needs a wheeled harness to get about.

Fit-again Natalie campaigned for months to raise funds to have a dog cart specially made to accommodate Cesar’s 10 stone weight. ‘If he was in pain then I’d have him put him to sleep,’ explains Gemma, ‘but I know him inside out and he definitely isn’t in pain. Like me, he just needs help to get him out and about. If you could see him whizzing round the park on his ‘wheels’ you’d know that he still enjoys his walks and life in general.’

‘Me and Cesar make a right pair! We’re both walking miracles and together we’ve saved each another. I’m so lucky to have him in my life.’

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