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I lost 11 stone thanks to gym selfies – our client Thandi shares her weight loss story with the Sun

weight loss storyThandi Ejindu shed 11 stone in one year through taking selfies in the gym. Every time she worked out she’d whip out her smartphone and take a cheeky snap in the gym to track her progress.

She got this idea after the instructor at the gym told her to stop weighing herself and to monitor her progress by how she looked and her fitness levels. As soon as we saw her incredible array of selfies, we knew a newspaper would be interested. And we secured her an exclusive deal with The Sun for her weight loss story.

Incredibly, the gym selfies helped Thandi keep on the straight and narrow and within one year she’d dropped 11 stone. Every day, she’d monitor her progress by flicking through the photos on her smart phone and seeing the visible changes to her waistline.

‘It’s hard to see when you’re losing weight when you see yourself every day,’ explains Thandi, 33, from Ilford, London, ‘so I’d take snaps on my phone to record my progress and every night I’d sit in bed and flick through them to keep myself on the straight and narrow.

‘It was funny watching myself go from large to big in such a small space of time. I truly believe that if I hadn’t had taken selfies I don’t think the weight would have stayed off for long. I’d tried so many faddy diets, exercise regimes and diet pills in the past but gym selfies really helped me stay on top.’

The newspapers and magazines we work for love weight loss stories, especially those with a great selection of pictures, like Thandi’s. If you’ve got a weight loss story you’d like to sell, email us on message@talktothepress.com or fill out the sell my story form to the right.

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