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Meet the mum who takes 50 photos a day so as not to forget precious moments with her son

Katie Booth’s story about how she’s copes with her short term memory loss appeared in the Daily Mirror on Friday. Katie, who lives in Spain with her partner Jonathan and their son Elliot, suffered a brain aneurysm  when she was four months pregnant and had to undergo emergency surgery to save her life.

Amazingly she and Elliot survived the operation but Katie was faced with a long and gruelling recovery which included learning to walk again.

After Elliot was born new mum Katie began to notice she was becoming more and more forgetful. Vowing not to forget one precious moment of her time with her little boy, she invested in a digital camera and began to document everything they did together – including things as mundane as a visit to the supermarket. Now she takes up to 50 pictures each day and sits down every night with Jonathan to recount what she has done that day.

Katie says: ‘It might sound ridiculous but that’s what life is like now, if I don’t take a picture I’d never remember half of the things Elliot and I get up to which would be devastating.’

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