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Meet the UK’s most pampered pet – this week’s Take a Break magazine

This week TTTP client Emma Buttarazzi appears in Take a Break magazine with her dog Prince, aka the UK’s most pampered pet! Emma, 20, is doggy mad and has spent a whopping £15,000 on her pet, lavishing him with gifts and designer clothes, and Prince truly lives up to his name as he is treated like royalty.

Every morning Emma’s alarm goes off at 6am and she gives Prince a luxurious bubble bath, followed by a deep clean of his teeth with an electric toothbrush. After that she exfoliates his skin and moisturises his face with expensive Clarins face cream, before he is treated to a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs. For lunch he has a fresh fruit salad and dinner is fresh fish and bottled water as he doesn’t drink tap water.

Emma has spent thousands on Prince, but she adores lavishing him with treats. He even has a customised wardrobe with more than 200 outfits – including a £150 tuxedo and a £120 coat from Harrods! And now Emma has turned her passion for dogs into a business, setting up her own online boutique selling designer dog products.

Emma got in touch with us as she wanted to share her story in a women’s magazine, and she says she doesn’t regret the amount of money she’s spent on Prince. She says: ‘Some people think I’m mad but I love Prince and nothing is too much for him!’

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