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Mum’s story of her three unusual births appears in Daily Mirror

This weekend, Helen Carrol’s remarkable story about her three dramatic births featured in the Mirror newspaper. Helen, 36, almost died giving birth to her first child, Jessica, her husband Paxton delivered their second daughter, Erin, in their bedroom and Helen delivered the third by herself in the bathtub at home.

Her third labour began drama-free with Paxton dropping the older girls at school while Helen got into a bath to relieve the pain of the contractions. But neither of them realised that within half an hour of labour starting, baby Felix would have arrived.

Upon realising the baby was on its way, Helen kept her composure and delivered the baby herself. By the time her husband made it home, she was already cradling their newborn.

Helen says: “Everyone is amazed I delivered my baby myself without any doctors and without any pain relief at all but then you never know your own strength until you’re put to the test.”

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