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Sell a photograph of a famous person

Did you take a photograph of a famous person in a budget store? Or perhaps they were out for a jog? Or were they somewhere else unusual? Well, you can sell your photos and videos or celebs right here.

A woman was shopping in Costco in Mountain View, California when she spotted Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan. Amazingly, the billionaires were bargain hunting alongside her in the TV aisle.

How to sell a photograph of a famous person

The shopper snapped a photo of the tech billionaire. Realising she had captured a photograph of a famous person, which could be worth money, she sent it to Talk to the Press.

Talk to the Press sold the photo as an exclusive to TMZ. We later placed it into The Daily Mail Online, The Sun and many other media outlets around the world. Here are just a few versions of the story:

How much will you earn

The Costco shopper was paid 50% of every publication deal. She was paid via PayPal, so she didn’t even have to disclose her banking details to anyone – just the email address that is linked to her PayPal account.

We always protect our sources. In fact, as a trusted supplier, it isn’t even necessary for us to pass your contact details to publisher.

Talk to the Press works with every major publication in the world. Talk to the Press is perfectly placed and fully incentivised to generate as much money as possible for your content.

How to contact Talk to the Press

You’ll find the Photo and Video transfer tool on this page. You can send the photograph straight to our team for evaluation. You always retain the copyright of your material. We won’t publish photos, videos or stories without your permission.

Alternatively you can fill out the Story Valuation Form on this page to tell us about your photograph, video or story. Or you can call our team on the number at the top of this page.

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