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Praise for Talk to the Press from mum of Tyla Rich

We recently arranged a number of newspaper and magazine deals for Kara Rich and her daughter Tyla, who suffers from a rare condition that means she sees the world in black and white.

Today, Kyra got in touch with us to let us know about an incredible development. As a result of the publicity we’ve secured for them, they have been contacted by Moorfield’s Eye Hospital who are now trying to help the family.

Kara says: ‘We are in touch with an ophthalmologist now from Moorfields Hospital in London, who is interested in genetic trials, and has requested Tyla’s NHS notes from our gp. You never know, the power of the media…. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for my little girl. You have set the wheels in motion, for maybe one day Tyla regaining her sight.. you never know. You have all been so good, and I was so pleased with the Womans Own story. It came across so well.’

We’re thrilled to help Kara and Tyla, who will soon be appearing in another magazine.

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