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Pregnant at 13: Give 10 Year Olds Contraceptive Implant

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TTTP client tells The Sun how she supports the NHS giving girls as young as 10 the contraceptive implant, after she fell pregnant at 13. Last month NHS figures revealed girls as young as 10 were getting contraceptive implants fitted on the NHS.

The shocking statistics showed that almost 10,000 implants have been given to girls below the age of consent. Doctors and charities have spoken out warning of the long-term effects since the implants have never been tested on under 18s.

Here one mother tells how she believes pre-teen girls should be given contraception after she fell pregnant at just 13. Megan, 19, from Portsmouth, thought her life was over when she fell pregnant at 13 years old. Contraception had never been discussed at school or with her doctor and she had unprotected sex.

Giving birth to Ashton-Tyler in 2009, the single mum managed to cope with the stress and raised her son alone. But the mental damage from having a child so young still scars her today.

In school she was bullied for being a ‘slut’ and abused on various social media sites. Incredibly, Megan managed to take all of her GCSEs but had to wave goodbye to her dreams of becoming a professional dancer. Now Megan, a full time mum, works as a teenage pregnancy peer educator and teaches students about the realities of becoming a teen mum.

Controversially, she agrees girls as young as 10 should be fitted with implants and wants to warn of the impact a baby can have on a teenager’s life. She says:

“I’d never heard of the word contraception and I had no idea what condoms were. By the time my school starting sex education, it was too late because I had a baby. “I think 10-year-olds should be allowed to have the implant if they’re sexually active. If I’d have known about it before I fell pregnant than my life would be entirely different.

“As a society the age of pregnancy is getting younger and younger and although there are good services out there, our youngsters need to be taught about them.

“I think 10 year olds should be given the implant only if they answer certain questions beforehand to make sure the system isn’t being abused.

“It may sound hypocritical of me since I fell pregnant so young, but I was services in place for my son when he grows up. The last thing I would want is for any child of mine to come home with an unplanned pregnancy.

“You can’t imagine the emotional impact it has on your life.”

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