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How to Raise Awareness through the Media

Macey Marsh SJS
Have you ever considered sharing a story with the press in order to raise awareness of an illness or cause close to your heart?  Sharing a story with the press can be the best way to help others in a similar situation, to warn others about a rare illness or issue, or promote a cause.

Devoted parents Matt and Sarah Marsh contacted us to share their story about their daughter’s allergic reaction to Stevens Johnson-Syndrome (SJS).

Little Macey, two, was left screaming in agony and fighting for her life after a severe allergic reaction to a kid’s dose of Nurofen.  As our horrific pictures reveal, within hours of taken the medicine, Macey was rushed to hospital covered in agonising blisters and temporarily blinded.

Doctors diagnosed her with Stevens Johnson-Syndrome – a rare condition caused by a violent reaction to a virus or a medication. Heartbreakingly, medics warned Matt, a photographer and Sarah, air hostess, both 37, who live in Surrey, were told their daughter would “need a miracle” to survive.

Fortunately, she pulled through and is now recovering at home. Matt said: “It was terrifying and an emotional rollercoaster. There were times when we were unsure if our little girl would pull through at all, let alone with her eyesight intact. Seeing your daughter’s face covered in weeping blisters and eyes glued shut with mucus is absolutely devastating. I wouldn’t wish it on any parent. We decided to share Macey’s story to raise awareness for SJS. I’d never even heard of the condition before this happened to Macey.’

Paisley placed Macey’s story with the Sunday Mirror and their story will appear in Pick Me Up next month. If you want like to raise awareness for illness or cause close to your heart, please email the Talk to the Press team at message@talktothepress.com

You can read more about sharing a story and how to raise awareness through the media on this page: How to Sell a Story to the Press.

Please rest assured that all stories will be handled sensitively and told your way.  Our professional, trained and friendly staff will take care of you every step of the way.  We’ll also make sure that you get paid the maximum amount for yourself or a charity of your choice.

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