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Sell a health story: Did you survive a life-threatening health scare?

Find out how to sell a health story, and other stories, to the national magazines and newspapers.

Emma in hospital 2Would you like to sell a health story to the press? This week, our client Emma Carey told how hot chocolate saved her life – after choking on the drink alerted medics to life-threatening blood clots on her lung.

18-year-old Emma told TTTP writer Amy how she was enjoying a hot chocolate with a friend when she burst out laughing – and the hot drink went down the wrong way.

When she was still coughing up hot chocolate and had a pain in her chest two hours later she went to hospital – where medics found a collection of life-threatening BLOOD CLOTS on her right lung.

What’s more, doctors explained the clots would have gone unnoticed and continued to grow if she hadn’t choked on the hot chocolate – and told her ingesting the drink saved her life.

Three weeks on, Emma, who is now taking blood-thinning medication for at least six months to dissolve the clots said: “It turned out I was a ticking time-bomb, but would never have known if I hadn’t choked on that hot chocolate.”

Mail clippingEmma’s amazing survival story appeared in all the online publications – including Mail Online, Sun online and Mirror Online – and in print in the Daily Mail and Daily Mirror.

Her story was also placed with a magazine, and Emma was thrilled with the coverage.

If, like Emma, you have narrowly dodged a life-threatening health scare, we could help you raise awareness in the press – and secure you a good fee for your time.

Just get in contact via our website Story Valuation form, or call 0207 549 5428.

Daily Mirror clippingOne of our experienced writers will get in touch to take down some info and advise where we can place your story.

We have close contacts across all the papers and know which stories work best for each of the publications – so you can be sure your story is in safe hands.

Before the story is printed, we will confirm the publication it will appear in and the fee. At that point, it’s totally up to you if you want to go ahead – you’re not obliged to go through with anything!

We will also make sure you receive a full readback of the piece before it’s sent out to make sure you’re 100% happy with the copy.

Getting a health story into the press is the perfect way to raise awareness about a condition – so get in touch to sell a health story and raise awareness, and make some extra cash!


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