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Sell a medical negligence story

Do you have a story about medical negligence and want to raise awareness through the media?

When Ella Clarke called us with her heartbreaking story the whole office was moved. Tragically, the mum-of-eight woke up from a routine C-section to find out she’d had both legs amputated from the knees down.

Unbeknown to Ella, she was put into an induced coma for five days after life-threatening complications with a c-section. Due to a catalogue of NHS blunders, doctors failed to check blood clotting in her legs for six hours – instead of checking every hour for DVT.

The 31-year-old was rushed into life-saving surgery and surgeons had to amputate both her legs from the knee down to stop toxics spreading through her body and killing her.

Now, five months on, she tells how her life has changed ‘beyond belief’ and how she’ll never be a ‘normal’ mum again. She said: “I was an active mum doing the school runs and chasing my family around the garden. Now I’m the complete opposite.

“I might never be able to run after my children, or stand next to them. No human being should ever have to experience this after it could have so easily been avoided.”

Ella contacted us to raise awareness to other mums who may not know the dangers of c-sections. We placed her story exclusively with The Sunday Mirror where it appeared as a double page spread. We’re now in the process of securing Ella two magazine deals with the women’s weeklies.

We ensured Ella’s heartbreaking story was told sensitively and accurately and we gave her a full recorded readback to ensure she was 100 per cent happy with the final version before it was printed.


Have you been a victim of NHS, hospital, or medical negligence and want to raise awareness in the media?

If you’ve been let down by the NHS or through a private hospital we can help you raise awareness through the media.

If you’re blaming the NHS then you need to have made a formal complaint or the NHS need to have admitted liability.

If the investigation is ongoing that’s fine, we will always go to the hospital or clinic for a ‘right of reply’. This is a legal requirement and every publication would need a complaint ‘stood up’ before printing.

If you’ve had botched surgery abroad it’s unlikely we’ll need to go to the surgeon for a comment, but you need to have photos and documents etc. But in the UK we will always put a call in to make sure they’re aware the story is coming out and to give them the right to comment (we adhere to the Independent Press Standards Organisation’s Editor’s Code of Practice). But rest assured the story will be told from your point of view and you’ll have full control over it.

If you’re instructing a solicitor to sue then it’s imperative any media you do is handled professionally and there are no inaccuracies in the copy.

If you think you may have a story which can work for us, fill out the STORY VALUATION form on this page or call 0207 549 5406.  Everything you send us is confidential until you tell us otherwise, and there is no obligation if you’re not happy with the publication or fee that is offered for your story.


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