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Find out how to sell a story about a celebrity, and get paid the maximum fee.

Every week we sell dozens of celeb tips to the papers – some are on massive stars and others are on z-list celebrities whose stories just make online, but if you want to sell a story about a celebrity, you’re in the right place.

adam-johnson1When people get in touch their first question is always, ‘how much will I get paid?’ Well, it really depends on the calibre of the celebrity you’re selling your story on.

For instance, if you have a tip of a A-lister celebrity or sports star you could be looking at a huge fee – depending on what the story is. But if your tip is on a z-lister like Steph Davis (Who? Exactly!) it won’t be as lucrative – mainly as it’ll only make online and online does not pay much compared to print.

The main reason online publications pay less than printed publications is because it’s impossible for a story to stay exclusive when it’s online, as other websites just lift it and run it straightaway – whereas in print they can’t do that.

Last week we were sent a tip-off about shamed footballer Adam Johnson. Our source told us his girlfriend Stacey Flounders was visiting Johnson at prison for the first time. What’s more, our source revealed Stacey and Johnson were secretly ‘back together’  – despite her saying she saw ‘no future’ for the pair in court. We turned the story around quickly on Friday and it appeared as a page lead in The Sun on Saturday.


If you’ve got a story on a celebrity and you want to know how much it’s worth, call us on 0207 549 5406 or fill out the Story Valuation form on this page and one of our writers will get back to you within 24 hours.

Nothing will ever be used without your consent and anything you send us now is for valuation purposes only. However, please do not send your story to any other journalists, agencies or publications directly. It’s important we have exclusive rights to the story in order for us to secure you the highest fee possible.

To read more about the process of selling your story to a newspaper, you can read our Sell My Story – How it Works page.  If you’re not looking to sell a story about a celebrity, but about something completely different, please contact us in the same way. Newspapers and magazines are looking for new stories every day and we consider every story to keep producing the best content for the national press.

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