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Would you like to sell a story to Chat Magazine and other magazine titles?

If you’re looking to sell your story to Chat magazine you’ve come to the right place. We have a great relationship with the women’s weekly and place hundreds of stories with them a year, as well as their sister magazine Pick Me Up!

Chat magazine is one of the biggest selling women weeklies and they’re great for getting stories in quickly (some magazines can hold stories for months on end because they over commission, meaning that you have to wait for you payment.  Some stories don’t get printed at all!).

Chat love quirky animal stories, bonkers stories, crime stories and anything weird and wonderful. They don’t feature celeb stories and are purely ‘real life’ or ‘true life’ stories.


How to sell a story to Chat Magazine

If you’d like to feature in Chat Magazine or Pick Me Up! Magazine, contact us on 0207 549 5406 or fill out the story submission form on this page.

One of our friendly writers will call for a brief chat with you to find out the bare bones of your story. If it’s something we can help with, we will ask you to email all the supporting evidence for your story – i.e. just pictures of you, or pictures and documents if the story involves someone else too.

If your story is a crime story, we will call the courts and check all the charges and convictions to ensure your story is 100% accurate (we adhere to the Independent Press Standards Organisation code of conduct).

Chat magazine likes to do a professional photoshoot as it’s their house-style so we will send a photographer to you to get some lovely snaps.  Most people really enjoy the photoshoot and all of our photographers are extremely friendly and professional.

We will call you and do a full interview (where you’ll tell us everything about your story) and then we will write the copy. Once we’ve filed our copy to Chat, a writer inhouse will call and do a second interview just to go over everything and make sure you’re happy with the story. This is because they have a very specific house-style.  You will receive a full recorded readback and if there’s anything you don’t like you can get it changed at this point.

Once your story runs in Chat mag we can sell it to a non-direct competitor to secure you ANOTHER magazine deal. We can also place your story with a national paper and even a daytime TV show such as Lorraine, Good Morning Britain and This Morning…  if that’s something you are interested in (but you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to).

Our aim is to map out your media journey and ensure you’re receiving the best fees for your time. As we’re a national press agency, we have the best contacts to get your story in quickly and for the best money.

What’s more, we’re completely independent and on your side. As you’re our client it’s vital to us that you’re happy with the way your story has been handled.


We can fast track your payment!

Publications are notorious for taking months to pay but we can fast track your payment if you come through us.

We offer a completely free, confidential service and can fast track your payment so you don’t have to wait the standard 8 weeks for payment after publication.

This is a huge relief for many people whose main motivation has been to earn some cash for their story. We want to make the process as stress-free as possible for you, so stick with us and you’ll enjoy every second of your media journey!

Chat magazine is a great publication to appear in so if you would like to sell a story to Chat Magazine, get in touch with us today and we’ll help you appear in it!  Our service is completely free and you keep 100% of the fee.  Chat Magazine pay us to find, supply and write your story.

To read more about how it works, you can read our Sell My Story – How it Works page.


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