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How do I sell my Amnesia story to the press?

Magazine and newspaper editors are always interested in sharing fascinating amnesia stories. So little is known about amnesia and there is no better way to raise awareness and help others in a similar situation than telling your story publicly. If you’re thinking ‘I want to sell my Amnesia story’ Talk to the Press is here to make sure YOUR story is told YOUR way, and that you receive the maximum fee possible for your story.

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Sell my Amnesia story with Talk to the Press

This week a Talk to the Press client tells the Daily Mirror how she had to date her hubby of 11 years all over again after getting amnesia.

When Marie Coe contacted us with her story, we knew a paper and women’s magazine would love to run her story. The 54-year-old told how stress-induced amnesia meant she had to date her husband of 11 years all over again – even though they’d known each other since they were 16.

Marie, from Poole, Dorset, had been married for 11 years when she suffered a breakdown in January 2013 caused by ‘extreme’ work stress and exhaustion from gruelling hours at her job as an events planner, which completely wiped her memory.

She went missing for 24 hours and was found in a service station in Southampton before strangers called an ambulance and she was taken to Southampton General Hospital.

marie-and-marks-wedding-when-she-was-40When the mum of two and grandmother of seven came round she didn’t recognise her husband Mark, 55, a builder, or her children and grandchildren.

As the weeks rolled into months, Marie had to learn everything about herself and her childhood again, including her own name and dating her hubby Mark. After a six months of romantic meals and looking at old photos of her with Mark, the mum tells how she gradually recalled their life together.

Medics warned that if she has another breakdown her memory may be wiped completely – so she has taken a less stressful job in promotions and taken up meditation to help cope with stress.

She said: “When Mark walked into the room I had no idea who he was, though he obviously knew me. It was scary knowing there was a huge chunk of my life that I couldn’t remember at all. But I fell in love with him again for the same reasons I did all those years ago.”

Mark: “When she didn’t recognise me I was heartbroken, I was scared all the memories we’d made together during our marriage would be lost forever. I’m so glad she’s remembered me now.”


Where we placed Marie’s story

After aMarie searched ‘sell my amnesia story’ on Google and found Talk to the Press, we placed Marie’s story with The Daily Mirror, where it appeared as a spread this week.

After, her story appeared in Chat magazine and we’re in talk with daytime TV shows too.  We ensured Marie received the maximum fee and maximum exposure to help raise awareness about about the condition.


Do you have a story we can help place for you?

Our job is to ensure your story is told in the way you want it to be told and for the highest fee possible. We do the interviews, write the copy and read it back to you to ensure you’re 100 per cent happy with the final version.

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You’ll find more information here: how to sell my story to the press.

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