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You’ve sold your story, but what about aftercare?

Usually, once a story is in print, our customers go away happy, and only get back in touch occasionally to update us on how they are getting on. However, for some people, the story they have sold can spiral into something bigger. They receive invites to appear on programmes like BBC Breakfast, Daybreak, LK Today and This Morning. They get asked to comment on radio shows. Some of our clients are now in negotiations for book deals about their lives. And from that can potentially come television and film deals too!

If there is further media interest in the story you are selling, we will still be here to hold your hand. We will act as your agent and continue to manage the process of selling the story for you. We will help you work out which offers you would like to accept and which you would like to decline.

You don’t have to do any further interviews at all if you don’t want to. Or, you can take advantage of any offers on the table to top up your fee and gain even more publicity for your cause.

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