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Inspire Other Women: Sell My Slimming Story

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Sell My Slimming Story: Have you lost a significant amount of weight in an unusual way? If so, we’d love to hear from you!  You deserve to show off, and you might not realize it, but your story could inspire thousands of women to live a healthier lifestyle.  That’s why editors of the women’s magazines and their readers love a good weight loss story!

Thandi Ejindu’s incredible weight loss story appeared in Sun Woman, Best magazine and we’re now securing her a deal with Chat magazine too.

She shed five stone in one year through taking selfies in the gym. Every time she worked out she’d whip out her smartphone and take a cheeky snap in the gym to track her progress. She’d also take pics of her running score so she could see how much her fitness was improving too.

She got this idea after the instructor at the gym told her to stop weighing herself and to monitor her progress by how she looked and her fitness levels. Incredibly, the selfies helped her keep on the straight and narrow and within one year she’d dropped five stone – taking her from a whopping 18 stone and a dress size 22-24 to 12.9  and a 12-14.

Every day, she’d monitor her progress by flicking through the photos on her smart phone and seeing the visible changes to her waistline. ‘It’s hard to see when you’re losing weight when you see yourself every day,’ explains Thandi, 33, from Ilford, London, ‘so I’d take snaps on my phone to record my progress and every night I’d sit in bed and flick through them to keep myself on the straight and narrow.

‘It was funny watching myself go from large to big in such a small space of time. I truly believe that if I hadn’t had taken selfies I don’t think the weight would have stayed off for long. I’d tried so many faddy diets, exercise regimes and diet pills in the past but gym selfies really helped me stay on top.’

Incredibly, Thandi says she’s never had a boyfriend and still lives at home.  She’s now looking for love and finally feels ready to share her life with someone. Thandi, who’s 5’6, says she was a normal weight until she turned 13. On top of this, she says she was an emotional eater and would guzzle fizzy drinks and gorge on carby, starchy comfort food. By 16, she was 16 stone and her weight continued to spiral out of control as she grew older. Around this time she was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and put on the contraceptive pill to regulate her periods.

She wanted to go into fashion but believes she was too fat and got discriminated against – her disappointment made her eat more. At 21 she was at her biggest and a dress size 30, she was 25 stone. She battled with binging and bulimia too. At 24, she started working at a gym and managed to shed eight stone through diet and exercise. But she says the weight started to creep back on when she left the gym five years later and started a new job near a pastry shop. Her diet became out of control again and on average she was drinking fatty lattes and munching on pastries, muffins and fried chicken.

In Dec 2011, when she was 31, she’d regained all her old weight and was 23 stone again. By June 2012 she’d shed two stone but mainly through starving herself, she continued to lose another three by March 2013 but says it was really difficult to stay on track. She joined a gym around this time and the instructor told her to stop weighing herself. He said it was more effective to monitor her weight loss by seeing the inches drop off.

So in March 2013, at 18 stone, she took her first selfie in the mirror of the gym every time after she worked out.  Within weeks, the weight started to drop off. She now weighs12.9 and is a dress size 12-14.

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