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Sell a story to the Mail Online

How to sell a story to the Mail Online

Do you want to sell a story to the Mail Online or another news or entertainment website?

Over the years, Talk to the Press has risen to become one of the major providers of news, celebrity and true crime stories to the Mail Online. If you want to sell a story to the Mail Online, we’re here to help you get the best deal.  Our service won’t cost you a penny.

We have written literally thousands of articles for the Mail Online websites in the US, as well as in the UK and Australia.

Our journalists know exactly how to package and pitch your story to get it published by the Daily Mail.

We also have a great relationship with the key players on their editorial team, meaning we are best-placed to get you a brilliant deal.

If your story does well in the States, we can usually secure lucrative follow-up deals overseas to add to your earnings.

To find out whether your story could be featured by the Daily Mail, fill in our Story Valuation form on this page.


Sell a story to the Mail Online – How does it work?

If you would like to sell a story to the Mail Online, contact us using the Story Valuation form on this page, or call us now for a confidential, no obligation valuation. We will tell you if we can help you sell your story, picture or video to the Mail Online and give you an idea of how much it’s worth.

Tell us the main points of your story and include your contact details.

We will need to ask you some questions, but we won’t publish anything you send or tell us until you are happy to move forward.

Next, our team of friendly and experienced journalists will package the information you give us into the best story it can be.

Then, using our extensive network of contacts, we will speak to editors and secure you the maximum fee.

More information

If you don’t just want to sell a story to the Mail Online, but want to contact every major publication, we can help you do that.  Talk to the Press is the largest independent press agency on the planet, and our newswire is used by all major newspapers, magazines, and websites.  For more information about how we can sell your story to the entire press, and earn you the maximum fee possible, see our Sell My Story page.


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