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Ever thought, ‘you could write a book on my life’ or ‘I could sell my story as a magazine series’?

Talk to the Press provide a free service to help everyday members of the public share their stories with the national press, and get paid the maximum amount possible. This month, Talk to the Press client Faye Richards saw her story published as a three-part series in that’s life! magazine after she searched online ‘how to sell my story as a magazine series‘.

Faye, 31, has MRKH syndrome – meaning she was born without a womb and cannot fall pregnant, despite always longing to be a mother.

Over the years she watched her younger sister Kim Thomas, 28, fall pregnant and have a son, knowing her only chance of having a baby with husband Tony, 41, meant paying thousands in expenses for a surrogate and IVF. But, in an amazing act of generosity, in 2013 Kim offered to be a surrogate for her sister.

After a gruelling IVF process with many failed attempts, Kim finally fell pregnant in September and baby Ralphie was born in May.

I'll give you a baby, sis3

We loved the sisters’ inspirational story – but it had so many twists and turns we knew it would be impossible to squeeze it all into one feature. So we placed it as a three-part series – and Faye received a separate fee for each piece!

If you have a story full of ups and downs, we can place your tale as a series, too – meaning more coverage and a higher fee for your time.  That’s more money in your pocket, and more of a chance to help those going through a similar situation.

How to get in touch

So get in touch now by giving us a call on 0207 549 5428 or submitting a story via our online form.  Everything you send us is completely confidential until you tell us otherwise, and there is no obligation.

Then a writer will give you a call and discuss your story with you in detail.

From there we can let you know whether it will work as a single feature or a series for a magazine.

You’ll need lots of photos to illustrate your story, so be prepared to send over a selection to message@talktothepress.com

Remember, everything is confidential until you formally accept an offer – so nothing will be published without your permission!

Once we’ve pitched your story to our contacts and secured you a fee, we will write the piece and read it back to you over the phone to make sure you’re 100% happy with it before anything is printed.

Get in touch now – and we can let you know straight away if it’s something we can take on as a series!

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Find out more

If you’ve been thinking ‘how can I sell my story as a magazine series‘ and would like to find out more about how to sell a story to the press, see our Sell My Story page.  You can also see a small selection of stories we’ve recently helped place into the national press for some of our clients below:

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