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Sell My Wedding Story: Bridesmaid’s Aisle Labour


We are always on the lookout for heartwarming, heartbreaking, shocking, or bizarre wedding stories, but we absolutely love wedding stories that raise a smile.  This week Talk to the Press client Lucy Morris tells The Mirror how she nearly gave birth at her sister’s wedding after she went into labour whilst walking down the aisle!

When Lucy Morris, 29, went into labour on her little sister’s wedding day, she prayed she could make it through the ceremony. The primary school teacher was in agony from the contractions but refused to let them ruin Emma’s big day.

Brave Lucy managed to walk Emma down the aisle, pose for the wedding snaps and start eating at the top table before she was whisked off to give birth.

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New mum Lucy, from Bradford, West Yorkshire, is over the moon with baby Izabella, now nine and a half weeks, even though she arrived one week before her due date. She said: “I don’t know how I made it through the ceremony and throughout the photos I was wincing from the pain. Izzy nearly upstaged the bride, but I’d promised my sister I would be there no matter what.”

When Lucy found out her little sister was engaged, she couldn’t wait to be by her side as she tied the knot. As chief bridesmaid, the teacher was willing to do anything to make Emma’s big day a success.

A few months later in August 2013, Lucy and her husband David, 29, found out they were expecting. She said: “When we were given a due date of 19th April 2014, we joked about how it was cutting it a bit fine. The due date was exactly a week before the wedding so we always foolishly thought we’d be fine.”

But Lucy’s due date came and went and her bump grew as the wedding day edged closer. She said: “I tried everything to make the baby come quicker. I ate really hot curries and tried acupuncture but nothing was working and I was really starting to panic.”

Waking up at 2am on the morning of her sister’s big day, Lucy was devastated when she realised she was having contractions. She said: “I tried to put on a brave face because I didn’t want my sister’s day to be ruined. I was in agony though and I just kept praying the baby wouldn’t come before they said ‘I do’.”

After telling the bride that her contractions had started, Emma vowed not to miss her sister’s wedding. She squeezed into the maternity bridesmaid dress and walked down the aisle behind her sister.

She said: “I was watching Emma while she was saying her vows and it was beautiful, but all I could think about was the pain. Once Emma and her new husband Dan had said ‘I do’ we all went outside and posed for pictures. My face might not show it, but inside I was in turmoil.”

At the reception, Emma took her place at the top table and started tucking into the wedding buffet but realised she couldn’t hang on any longer.

In the early hours of 27th April 2014, baby Izzy was born. She said: “I was so sorry that I missed so much of my sister’s wedding but I promised her I’d be there for the ceremony, and I was!”

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