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Sell your age gap relationship story for cash

Are you in an age gap relationship?  Do you want to sell your age gap relationship story and earn extra cash?

If you are in a relationship with a big age gap, don’t ask us why, but you may have noticed that everyone is interested in the age difference between you and your partner.  Magazine editors love to write about quirky and unusual relationships, and they particularly love relationship stories with big age gaps.  Why not get your side of the story out there and make some money too?

When Talk to the Press client Angharad told us about her relationship, we knew it would make a great magazine feature.

When Angharad and Loric walk down the road, people mistake him for a friend of her teenage daughter’s. Incredibly, Loric, now 22, was just 19 when he met the 38-year-old mum whilst she was holidaying in Jamaica.

Despite the 16 year age gap between the pair – Angharad, now 38, a telesales worker, says it’s the ‘real deal’. After speaking for four months on Skype, Angharad, who’s mum to Daisy, now 15, from a previous relationship, fell pregnant in just three weeks with her foreign toyboy, Loric, then 19.

In May 2014, one year later, they wed so Loric could secure a visa to the UK. One year on, they’re still together, but she admits they’re only just getting to know each other.

Strangers presume he is her teenage daughter’s school friend when they go out and are shocked to learn he is in fact her husband and father of her second child Tyrese.

She said: “It’s been the hardest thing in the world. I was blinded by love and thought it would be easy, but it hasn’t been at all. We fell in love before we met, got pregnant in the brief time we did meet and then got married a month after our second meeting. He proposed over text message when I was one month pregnant. Because he lived in Jamaica, it was hard and costly to get him over. It’s been a tough time, but I’m finally getting to know my husband I met on skype.”


Where did we place Angharad’s story?

We sent Angharad’s love story out on the news wires and it made in a number of national publications. Afterwards we secured her a magazine deal with That’s Life magazine.


Are you in an age gap relationship and want to sell your story?

Generally, the age gap between yourself and your partner needs to be at least 15 years or more. Ideally it would be over 20 years to be considered strong enough for a national publication.

If you’d like to find out if you have a story worth selling, please fill out the story submission form on this page, or call us on 0207 549 5406.

We will be able to tell you straight away if it’s something we can help with. If it is, we will ask you to send over any relevant documents and pics to support your story. Once we receive this, we’ll write a synopsis and start pitching it out to our contacts. If the contact inhouse on the paper or magazine like it, they will raise it in conference and come back with an offer.

Then, if you give us the go-ahead, we will write the full copy and read it back to you to ensure you’re 100 per cent happy with the finished piece.


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