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‘I have had a fantastic experience selling my story with Talk to the Press’ – says our client Jess Smith

Jess Smith sell my story testimonialOur main goal is that our clients go away happy after selling their story. And that’s why we were thrilled to hear what Jess Smith had to say about us.

Jess Smith got in touch with her weight loss story after her daughter told her that she wanted a ‘big tummy’ like her mummy. Worryingly, Phoebe started crying when a mum at the school gates commented on how ‘skinny’ she was.

So she decided to do something drastic about her weight and shed seven stone in six months – taking her from a size 26 to a 12. She took selfies every week in the same clothes in front of the mirror to help keep her motivated and keep on track of her weight loss. Jess now weighs 12 stone but her target weight in 10.

We secured her deals with a newspaper and magazines, and afterwards she said: I have had a fantastic experience with selling my story with Talk to the Press. Georgette was amazing from day one. Responding to my email instantly and answering all my questions about selling my story. She put so much work into my article and found me a deal in record time. She is amazing! I would never have got anywhere with selling my story if it wasn’t for her hard work! I couldn’t have done it without her! I was also paid really quickly each time my story was published.’

We’ll continue to work with Jess to get her as many more deals as possible so she can keep earning money selling her story.

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