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When our son Jasper fell ill

Oscar and JasperWhen Jeff and Gemma’s little boy Jasper fell ill, they put aside plans for their dream wedding to focus on caring for their son. But hearing about their situation, kind strangers pulled together to give them a magical wedding so their little boy Jasper could be there to celebrate with them.

Jasper had been ill since he was born, but his symptoms were so unusual and complex, doctors named his condition Jasper’s Syndrome. When he was a year old, he was finally given a damning diagnosis: he had mitochondrial disease.

It meant the cells in Jasper’s body weren’t making enough energy and were gradually shutting down. Sadly there is no cure and doctors told the couple that it was unlikely he’d live past school age.

Although Gemma and Jeff had dreams of getting married, they immediately put them aside to care for Jasper. Gemma quit her cashier’s job to look after Jasper full-time, and not long afterwards Jeff also quit his job to take the pressure off Gemma. The money they’d saved for their wedding was spent on living expenses and travelling back and forth to hospital.

Kindness of strangers

Oscar and Jasper as babies 2Then one day, Jeff saw a competition in the local paper to win a dream wedding by collecting coupons. Jeff posted on Facebook asking people to start saving their coupons to help them but kind strangers went one step further. Local businesses offered their services for free so Jeff and Gemma could have a magical big day.

Jeff said: “At first I tried to keep the wedding a secret from Gemma but in the end she found out. We were completely overwhelmed by everyone’s kindness!”

A local hotel offered to host the wedding, a florist offered to do the flowers for free, a photographer offered her services, and many more people pitched in to help. In the end, the only thing the couple paid for themselves was Gemma’s wedding dress.

Jeff said: “It’s probably a good thing that Gemma found out about the wedding because if it had been a surprise I wouldn’t have had a clue what kind of wedding dress to choose for her.

“The day went without a hitch and it meant so much that our son Jasper was there to celebrate with us. I always say: I’m not a rich man like Richard Branson or Bill Gates, but I’m rich because we’ve got so much love in our family.”


Tribute or thank people in the press

Jeff-and-Gemma-kissJeff and Gemma wanted to thank everyone who’d generously offered their help, so they shared their story with national newspapers, as well as Pick Me Up and Woman magazine.

Jeff said: “After everything people had done for us we wanted to find a way of saying thank you to everyone. We gave them a great big thank you in the papers and magazines and we’ll always have the articles to remember our big day.”


How to sell your story to a magazine

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Jeff and Gemma Holt - Pick Me Up

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