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Michael Reynolds Daily Star

If you would like to raise awareness about a cause, or sell a story to more than one publication, Talk to the Press can help you share a story with every newspaper in the UK.

This week Talk to the Press helped the father of 24-year-old who died a horrific, slow death after taking Raspberry Ketone diet pills bought online raise awareness through the press. Diet pills killed my daughter and should come with an age restriction’ – says Michael Reynolds, from Edinburgh.

Michael Reynolds HeraldA grieving father has spoken of the devastation he suffered after finding his beloved 24-year-old daughter dead after taking diet pills she bought on the internet.

Michael Reynolds, from Edinburgh, found his daughter, Cara, 24, unresponsive on her bedroom floor with an empty bottle of 90 Raspberry Ketone diet pills by her side. These ‘natural’ pills have been heavily promoted as safe, quick-fix miracle pills with a number of celebs such as Kim Kardashian endorsing them. But Cara was rushed to hospital after she deliberately overdosed on them.

Heartbreakingly, she died after 44 attempts to resuscitate her with a defibrillator – a death her father says could have been prevented had these unregulated been so readily accessible to youngsters. British Medical Journal reports state Cara died from a heart attack caused by the fatal levels of caffeine in the Raspberry Ketones she took.

Although she was found with an empty bottle of 90 pills, doctors aren’t sure how many she took. They did however find 1800mg of ketones and 1800mg of caffeine in her body. Her parents were horrified to learn she had overdosed on the pills after an argument with her boyfriend. The pills, which carry no age restriction and can be bought online and over-the-counter, were taken earlier in the evening before Cara started vomiting and fitting in front of her mother.

Michael Reynolds Daily StarSince Cara’s death, dedicated dad Michael has been campaigning to get Raspberry Ketones off the shelves. He says restrictions need to be in place to stop this happening to others and is calling for the government and FDA to take action. Although he has written to online suppliers demanding the pills are removed from their website, he has only had a brief reply saying they will refer his complaint to the right department.

He says: “These pills are dangerous when in the wrong hands. There should be age restrictions imposed on the purchase of diet pills and so called safe weight loss pills alike. These pills are not herbal or harmless like most people think. They are often targeted at insecure, vulnerable young women who already have issues with their physical appearance.”

Michael Reynolds Scotsman“In a moment of madness, they can be easily abused with devastating effects, like Cara. My daughter died because these pills are packed full of caffeine. As her post mortem revealed, it was the fatal levels of caffeine in the pills that lead to her death. These are not just ‘slimming supplements’ and people need to be made aware that these pills can kill.”

To get maximum coverage for Michael’s cause, we put Cara’s story on the news wires and it got picked up my most of the major national papers online and in print. Cara’s story will soon be appearing in the women’s weeklies, as Michael continues to campaign for more restrictions on herbal diet pills.

Because we guarantee the maximum fee possible from selling your story, don’t approach just one magazine when Talk to the Press are a free service here to help you navigate your way through the press, and ensure that your story is told your way.

If you would like to get your story in all of the national newspapers, or you have a loved one who has had a bad experience to herbal diet pills, email message@talktothepress.com and one of our team will get back to you shortly.

You can also read more about selling your story to the press by reading our How to Sell Your Story to a Newspaper page.

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