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‘Thankyou for helping me sell my story to a women’s magazine….’ says TTTP client

When we saw Karen Chamberlain’s website about her gorgeous, pampered pooches we knew a magazine would be interested in her story. Karen was getting a lot of media attention at the time as she’d recently taken part in a Sky 1 documentary, A Different Breed, about her six bulldogs, and was thrilled when we offered to help her handle the press.

Karen says: Kira and Talk to the Press really helped me, I was not sure who to approach or what to do but Kira contacted me and explained who and what she does and how she could help me with my story. I was so relieved and pleased; Kira was really helpful and put my story forward to the magazines. She got me a deal and we were so chuffed to see and our Bulldogs in a magazine. Thank you so very much, it has been an amazing time we really enjoyed working with you.”

Karen even sent us a calendar of her bulldogs to brighten up the office (Talk to the Press writer Kira is pictured holding it).

If you have found yourself making headlines in a newspaper, and want help handling press attention, email us on message@talktothepress.com. You can also download our free guide to handling press attention.

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