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The incredible story of the woman whose face was rebuilt after being shattered in 20 places

Today, our story about Nancy Sundelson appears as a double page in the Sun newspaper. Her face was shattered in 20 places after she fell in her garden, and she was left with broken cheek bones, a broken jaw, broken nose, broken eye sockets and a shattered forehead but, thanks to pioneering surgery, doctors were able to fix the damage.

Today Nancy expresses her gratitude to the surgeon Jonathan Collier who saved her life, and her looks, by operating through tiny incisions in her eyelids and nose. Her life was put on hold for months while she went through the gruelling recovery process but Nancy, 50, now feels like a new woman.

After her accident, Nancy was given the choice of undergoing routine surgery through her skull, resulting in an ear-to-ear scar, or to try a less common procedure where the doctor would operate through her eye lids and nose to reduce scarring. Despite the risk that she could end up blind should anything go wrong, Nancy chose the latter and went through ‘open reduction and internal fixation’ – an eight hour operation which would piece her bones back together.

Nancy says: ‘My friends joke that I must have had a facelift during the operation. My skin looks more vibrant and my scars are so minimal that they’re barely visible. Dr Jonathan Collier kept his word to give me my face back and I will never forget what he’s done for me.’

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