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Think you’ve had a bad experience with online dating, wait until you read this…

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Have you had a bad experience with online dating? Read our client’s story that we placed in The Sun this week.  If you have a similar story (or any other story) get in touch with us today.

When 44-year-old Jane Putt from Cornwall met Allan via an online dating website Zoosk, she thought she had hit the jackpot.

However, within 10 days of meeting, Allan had moved into Jane’s £600 a month rented home in Bodmin, Cornwall, but paid no rent. While Jane was hard at work as an admin assistant Allan was at home drinking booze on the sofa.

Jane soon realised Allan was an alcoholic, when he was drinking 12-15 bottles of beer a day. When she returned home from work, Allan would drunkenly accuse her of cheating on him with colleagues.

One month after he moved in, Allan attacked her in a booze-filled jealous rage, lunging for her throat, shoving her against the wall and calling her a “cheating slag who was shagging around”.

Terrified Jane managed to call the police, but furious Allan forced her out of the front door in her dressing gown and locked the door, shouting that she was a “cheating slapper”. When the police arrived Allan refused to open the door, all Jane could do to get back into her own home was call her landlord for the spare key.

Allan pleaded guilty to assault and criminal damage, and was jailed for eight weeks at Bodmin magistrates’ court.

Jane, says: “Allan and I were supposedly matched on our personality types, and Allan’s profile meant he seemed the perfect man online. I didn’t think twice about letting him move in – I thought it was true love, but you can’t trust someone based on what he put online.

“I will never do online dating again – I was gullible and naive, the perfect culprit for Allan to brainwash and scrounge off.”

Where did we place Jane’s story in the national press?

We placed Jane’s story exclusively with The Sun before placing it on the news wires the day after.  This ensured that Jane was paid the maximum fee possible for her story.

Jane’s story was picked up in The Metro and a number of other online national publications. We are now in the process of securing Jane a magazine deal and TV are interested too.

Because we are experts at dealing with the national press, we’ll make sure we sell your story in the correct order – meaning that you get paid the most for your story, and don’t risk losing control of it.

Do you have a story you want valued?

If you’re thinking about selling your story and are looking for some free, confidential advice, we’re the best people to speak to. Simply fill out the story valuation form on this page with the main points of your story and we’ll get back to you with a valuation.  Our service is free and nothing will be used without your permission.

Not only are we media experts and the best people at negotiating you the highest fee for your story, but we’re all NCTJ journalists too – so the copy we deliver is of the highest standard.

We want our clients to be happy with the finished piece so we call you and read it back once it’s written. If there’s anything you want changing you just let us know at that stage and we will do it.

We record all our readbacks to our clients to ensure changes have been made when asked. Once you’re happy with the copy, we’ll file it over to the publication and wait for the date it’s going to run.  After the story has been published, you’ll receive the agreed fee.  We will keep you in the loop 100 per cent of the way.

If you want to read more about how to sell a story to the press: https://www.talktothepress.co.uk/sell-my-story-to-the-press/

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