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Thinking about selling a story?  Here’s what our clients say about Talk to the Press

thinking about selling a story

When Sasha Cochrane got in touch with us with her story we were all moved in the office. Tragically, Sasha’s beloved dad Peter Cochrane was tragically killed when he fell from a 30ft scaffolding in July 2011, when she was just 19.

As she struggled to comfort her younger sisters, Annabelle, then 15, and Jessica, then 13, Sasha relied on her elder half-sisters Claire, then 30, a carer and Amanda, then 32, unemployed, for support.

Peter had not written a will but had taken out life insurance with Provident Life Insurance. But in February 2012, Sasha, who’s owns her own printing business and is mum to Myles, one, and lives with partner Anthony, 32, a contact centre manager, in Warrington, unearthed a horrifying secret when she contacted Provident Life Insurance.

Amanda and Claire – who had been named as the administrators for their father’s life insurance – had pocketed the entire sum of the £121K payout after Peter’s death. Shockingly, neither had mentioned this to their sisters or offered them a share of the money.

Sasha – who spent every weekend with her half-sisters during her teens – says money wasn’t even spared for a trust fund for Annabel and Jessica – who were under 18 at the time.

In the last three years, Sasha has spent £2,000 of her own cash on legal fees trying to take her half-sisters to court as police say it’s a civil matter –  but she cannot afford to pursue it further.

Sasha says that Amanda, who’s unemployed, and Claire, a carer, have squandered the entirety huge sum on holidays, cars, boozing and giving handouts to other family members.

Sasha says: “They were in their thirties while my little sisters and I were just teenagers. We trusted them as the administrators to take care of the insurance and share the money with us. We loved them and looked up to growing up, but they betrayed us.”

Claire told Talk to the Press: “Yes we spent the money treating my dad’s mum and dad and my dad’s brother, obviously there was the solicitor’s’ fees to pay, and we treated Sharon my dad’s ex-girlfriend that was with him at the time he died.

“Bearing in mind that they had everything all their lives off my dad, and me and Amanda had nothing. I can’t remember how much we kept for ourselves or how it all worked out. Where did we place Sasha’s story?

We placed Sasha’s story exclusively with the Sunday Mirror and then we secured her TWO magazine deals.


Sasha’s testimonial

She said: “I can’t thank Amy from talk to the press enough – she went above and beyond to make sure my story was heard.

“May I add no newspaper or magazine would even give me time of day when I rang them up directly! But this lady was the only person who listened and went through everything with me thoroughly. Everything was so easy with Amy and she dealt with the negotiating with the papers and mags and all I had to do was tell my story! The company is brilliant especially if you’ve had every other door slammed in your face like me. I highly recommend talk to the press to anyone who wants to be heard ”


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