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Tragic story: The father of my child murdered my new boyfriend

Jealous ex called and said ‘I’ve just stabbed your new boyfriend’.  Talk to the Press client’s tragic story

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Read brave Christine’s tragic story below.  She recounts the day she learned that the father of her child had murdered her new boyfriend.

jealous-ex-murdered-my-boyfriend-Sunday Mirror

Aaliyah-and-DanWhen 27-year-old Christine Davies split with the father of her child after 11 years, and started dating his friend a month later, she never suspected the tragedy it would spark. But in February 2015, two years after the split, her former partner, Nathanial Johnson, stabbed her new boyfriend, Daniel Somerville, to death.

Christine said: “I’m lost without Dan – we made plans for the future and he was like a father to Aaliyah, my daughter.”

Chillingly, moments after the stabbing, Johnson rang Christine to confess to the barbaric act while she was taking their six year-old daughter home from school.

Nathaniel-and-AaliyahJust 10 minutes later Johnson turned up at Christine’s Guildford home covered in Daniel’s blood, claiming he wanted to see his Aaliyah.

In the vicious attack, Johnson stabbed Daniel in the heart with a 12-inch kitchen knife in broad daylight, on a busy street in Guildford, Surrey.

Now, full-time mum Christine is struggling to come to terms with the death of her ‘soulmate’ and has had counselling to come to terms with the ordeal. She said: “When Nathaniel called to tell me he’d stabbed Daniel my blood ran cold.”

In July, Johnson pleaded not-guilty to murder, but was convicted of the charge at Guildford Crown Court and given life imprisonment with a minimum jail term of 23 years.

“Facing Nathaniel in court was traumatic, but he laughed at me – I don’t understand how he could take Dan’s life and show no remorse,” Christine told us.


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Christine and DanAfter Christine got in touch, we placed her story exclusively with The Sunday Mirror and have since secured her a deal with Take a Break magazine – the UK’s biggest selling women weekly.

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