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‘TTTP got me three times more money than the other press agencies I talked to….’

At Talk to the Press we’ve been working with Katie Booth for a few weeks now and have secured her a number of media deals. Her story about coping with her short term memory loss features in this week’s Woman’s Own magazine and has already appeared in the Daily Mirror. She will soon be appearing in another magazine too.

This week she said about us: ‘I approached several agencies when I decided to sell my story, TTTP are definitely the best of the bunch, really friendly but professional and ensured I got three times more money for my story than any other agency. I couldn’t be happier with the way everythings been done.’

Katie suffered a brain aneurysm when she was four and a half months pregnant and had to undergo emergency surgery to save her and her unborn child.  The 10 hour operation left Katie with 250 staples in her head. She still suffers with chronic pain in her left side and has had to learn how to walk again.

Katie remained in hospital until baby Elliot was born but upon returning home she began to notice she was forgetting events from just hours before. Soon the house was littered with notes reminding her of what had happened that day. Refusing to forget a single moment with her new baby, Katie bought a digital camera and started documenting everything they did together. Now she takes up to 50 pictures each day and sits down every night with her fiancé Jonathan to recount what she has done that day.

Katie says: ‘The idea of not remembering these precious years with Elliot is heart-breaking and I’ve vowed never to let that happen. We have pictures up everywhere and thousands on our computer – doctors are hopeful my memory will improve but right now we’re managing.’

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