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TTTP sees Christian Plowman’s true life story published as a book – available in all good bookshops now!

When Christian Plowman got in touch wanting to share his incredible story about his life as an undercover police officer, we knew it would make a fantastic read.

But instead of selling it straight to a newspaper, we thought it would work best as in book form. Not only would a book give Christian the space to share his hundreds of incredible anecdotes, but the launch of the book would in itself make his story topical, and him of interest to the press.

Working alongside our literary partner we were able to secure him a publishing deal, and this week, we’re thrilled to say, his book will be hitting the shelves.

Crossing the Line is published by Mainsteam Publishing, and is a gripping account of what it really takes to be an undercover cop. In it, Christian recounts how his work saw him buy and sell drugs with tax payers money, be beaten up, be arrested at gunpoint and barracaded in a pub by gypsies – all in a days work. At one stage, Christian ran almost a dozen mobile phone to keep track of his different identities, and had so many different aliases that he says even he nearly forgot who he was! To promote the publication of his book, Christian will be doing newspaper and tv.

Crossing the Line is available in all good bookshops.

There’s a huge market for real life memoirs. If you’ve got a story you’d like to see published as a book, email us on message@talktothepress.com or fill out the sell my story form on the right.

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