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Do you and your partner defy convention? Are you in an unusual relationship? Do other people raise an eyebrow or say ‘It’ll never last’? Perhaps there is a large age gap between you, or a big height difference, or maybe you have a strange double life that your partner is fine with?

When Agnes Rochford contacted feature writer Paisley at Talk to the Press with her amazing love story that spanned generations, she knew the newspapers and magazines would love to interview her. We helped Agnes tell her side of the story.

Agnes told us how she was shunned by her husband Derek’s family when he first flew her over from Ghana to marry him aged 28.

Nearly half a century her senior, the grandfather, 72, fell in love with the health care assistant while on holiday after his wife’s death. When Agnes was introduced to her sugar daddy’s family they made it clear they disapproved of his young wife. Saying the relationship was fake and would never last, Derek’s siblings cast Agnes out of their lives. After having a son together in 2011 when Derek was 69, it brought the family back together again.

In July 2008, former financial advisor Derek, took a holiday to Ghana to help him mourn the loss of his wife. Little did he know, he’d meet a new woman to capture his attention – and when Derek first clapped eyes on 21-year-old Agnes it was love at first sight.

Chatting her up in a hotel bar, the fashion student dismissed his flirty advances because he was too old. But after a second date, Agnes quickly changed her mind and realised she was head over heels in love with the OAP, despite his age.

Heartbroken, Derek was forced to return home leaving his new love in Ghana. The infatuated pair spoke every day after Agnes taught him how to use the internet to stay in touch. Splashing out on another trip to Ghana to see Agnes, the couple this time went on a romantic month-long trip where they slept together for the first time.

Shortly after they had sex, Derek proposed to Agnes promising to bring her back home with him. Eight months later, Agnes married Derek in a big traditional African wedding – but Derek’s family declined the invite.

In July 2009, Derek brought Agnes over from Ghana and moved her into his home in Wexford, Ireland. Although Derek bought his young new wife a fashion design shop in 2010, she got pregnant a few months later so had to give up work. Amazingly, baby Eoghan, now three, was born on 10th July 2011 and had been conceived when Derek was 69.

The birth of their son brought Derek’s family back together and now they have come to accept the age gap. Despite making up for lost time, Agnes admits their relationship hasn’t been all plain sailing. She said: “The difference in our age has caused a lot of pain. We love each other no matter what but we don’t have much in common. Derek has lived his life but I’m still living mine. He will often speak to me like I’m a little girl, telling me not to go out or see my friends. Of course people look at us walking down the road with our son and they give us funny looks. They look at us strangely because he’s so much older than me and because we’re a mixed race couple. As much as I feel embarrassed, I try to shrug it off. Our sex life is fantastic and he does very well considering his age. As long as I’m not killing him, I’m happy.”

Paisley has now secured Agnes an exclusive deal with the Sun, a magazine deal and is negotiating with This Morning who are very keen to have the couple on the show. If you have an age gap or unusual relationship story, please get in touch.

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