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Are you in an eyebrow raising relationship? Do you have an unusual relationship story? TTTP has recently shared Emma Horne’s incredible story, about being in love with a man on death row, with the national press.

When Emma Horne contacted us with her story we knew the papers and magazines would love an interview with her. The 34-year-old support worker told us how she fell in love with a convicted murderer, Brandon Lacy, 35, facing the death sentence in Arkansas, USA.

The pair met online in 2012 and after one years writing to each other, they fell head over heels in love. Lacy confessed to aggravated burglary and the murder of Randall Walker in 2007 after stabbing him, slitting his throat and setting fire to his mobile home.

Benton County Circuit Court sentenced him to death and he is currently awaiting lethal injection at Arkansas Department of Corrections. Despite his confession to the awful crime, Emma believes he is innocent and has helped him with an appeal. Lacy later told Emma he was innocent and that he had confessed while drunk and wasn’t given proper legal aid and Emma is now helping him fight for his freedom.

Although they have never met, Emma, a mother to two boys, 12 and 14, plans to fly out to see him early next year. Emma chose not to go to a UK dating site because she wasn’t looking for love. After completing a law course and watching a TV documentary about death row inmates, she took a keen interest in the subject and decided to speak to a prisoner. She said: “His profile said he had studies psychology and I was really interested in that, he seemed like the most sensible man on the website.”

Emma Horne Sun Woman page 2“I like to give everyone a fair chance and I really believe he is innocent. I know some people might think I’m mad or deluded, but I really trust him. Whether he gets his sentence lifted or not, I will stick by him. Some of my friends are ok with it but others think I’m deluded. They often try to warn me that prisoners on death row use women on the outside, but I know Brandon is different.”

“He may be locked up 23 hours a day on his own, but he puts his time to good use and is always reading and learning. I know he’s writing to at least eight other women and it does worry me, but deep down I know he loves me and can be trusted. Being with someone who lives in the UK just wouldn’t work for me. I’m really busy with work and my kids and my relationship with Brandon is really convenient.”

Since meeting Lacy, Emma has helped him secure an appeal hearing which they will find out the results of in 30 days.

Feature editor Paisley placed Emma’s story with The Sun and her story will be appearing in Bella magazine shortly.

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