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As well as selling real life stories and celeb tips, we also help people who want to raise their profile in the press.

Romance expert Tiffany Wright, 35, who runs The One Romance, told us how she’s the ‘real life’ hitch and gets paid to help people find love.

In an age of online dating apps, Tiffany is paid £150 an hour to help men talk to girls over Tinder and Happn. Last year, Tiffany quit her 9-5 job to set up her company and to be a real life hitch full time.

Now, nearly a year on, Tiffany is taking charge of the popular market of dating apps and websites, because she feels men are useless at talking to women and need a woman to do it for them.

As the real life ‘Hitch,’ Tiffany takes her clients’ phones and chats to women on their behalf, teaching them the way to a woman’s heart is not via the bedroom. She claims she’s helped 100s of men find love online and charges £150 an hour to flirt over messages.

She said: “People think it’s easier than ever with the internet and dating apps, but it’s actually is harder. You can turn off a girl in one sentence and she could have been the love of your life.

“These men need my help and seek me out. I sit with them in a pub or wherever we meet and talk about what they want. As soon as I know I get them to show me their social media or current apps they use.”


We can do free PR for you

If, like Tiffany, you have a different job and want to do free media in return for free plugs in national publications, then get in touch.

With no charge we placed Tiffany’s story in The Sun, a bit like a sponsored ad except she got the publicity for free!

The Sun have a circulation of nearly 3 million and normally it would cost thousands to get a sponsored ad in such a huge publication.

As media experts, we know which publication suits your business best, and presuming we think it’s something the press would want to run, we can arrange it for you. We will think up the best angle to get your story out there and plug your website too. Once it runs in the paper, we’ll try and secure you magazine and TV deals too – all free of charge to you!


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