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“When the media interest in our family grew too great, we were confident handing over the reins to Talk to the Press”

As soon as we heard Tania Sullivan’s amazing story, we knew a newspaper would love to feature her, and at the time we contacted her, she was already dealing with lots of requests from different journalists.

Tania is a mum of nine who is about to give birth to twins, and also an author and blogger. We secured her a deal with The Sun and this week she said of us: “When the media interest in our family grew too great for us to handle ourselves we were confident in handing over the reins to Natasha, Katie and the rest of the staff at TTTP.  They worked alongside us, reassuring us with any doubts we may have had on the way and delivered in a professional and productive manner. We look forward to continuing to work with TTTP in the near future and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”


We already have interest in Tania’s story for once the twins are born. In the meanwhile, you can keep up with her progress on her blog Larger Family Life and her book ‘Living life the larger family way’ is available on Amazon. Tania says: ‘I haven’t seen the bottom of my laundry basket since I bought it!  Running our household is like a military operation but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I joke to Mike that with nine kids already, soon to be 11, what difference will a couple more make?’

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