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Why you need photos when you sell your story

keep photos for selling your storyWe’re often contacted by people with stories that sound great, but who have no photos to go with them. Many have burned or destroyed relevant photographs because they’re angry with someone else involved in the story and no longer want the reminder of them.

And we’re often asked ‘Why do you need personal photos when you sell your story?’

BUT whether your story is a kiss and tell story, a weight loss story or a relationship story, you’re going to need personal photos to sell your story. There are many reasons for this. The first is simply the style of the media today. Think about reading a story in a women’s magazine or even a newspaper. It always has a posed photo of the storyteller, plus a selection of photos that illustrate the journey the storyteller has been on.

For instance, if the story is about a miracle baby, the publication might run photos of the storyteller pregnant, in hospital with the newborn, having their first Christmas with their baby and finally include a professional recent image taken by their photographer. Even if you’re watching someone sharing their story on television, there will usually be a selection of personal photos flashed up on the screen.

The second reason is that photographs provide evidence of your story. If you are trying to sell a kiss and tell story on a celebrity, but have no photographs at all, how can you even prove you’ve ever met the person in question. Likewise, if you’re the former girlfriend of someone in the news, and you want to sell your story, the photographs prove that you were indeed their girlfriend and aren’t just saying you were! It’s the same with a weight loss story. The photos of you looking larger beforehand and their comparison with the size you are now prove that you are telling the truth and you have been on the fantastic weight loss journey you’re telling us about.

Finally, a great selection of photographs add value to your story. They might allow your story to be run over two pages instead of one, or one of them might be saleable in its own right. The bottom line is to get the best fee and see your story in print, you definitely do need photos when you sell your story.

So, firstly, don’t burn or tear up photos! No matter how angry you are, you never know when or why you might need them in the future. And secondly, if you’re getting in touch with us regarding selling a story, we will ask you to send over a selection of personal photos and if you don’t have any photos, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to sell your story at all.

If you’ve got a story to sell, message us on message@talktothepress.com or fill out the form on the right. And have those photos at the ready!

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