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At Talk to the Press we don’t always deal with serious issues and heartbreaking stories, we also help people publish their wacky stories and bizarre tales.  Do you have a quirky obsession or a wacky collection you want to share? Do you have a strange phobia, a crazy hobby, or the world’s largest collection of Hello Kitty toys? Read how TTTP client made money by sharing her incredible story….

When Natasha Goldsworth contacted us about her obsession with Hello Kitty, we knew the papers and magazines would love it.

Incredibly, over the past 15 years, Natasha has ploughed £50,000 into her collection and has over £10,000 items in her one bedroom flat in Exeter, Devon.

But it’s not just her bank balance that is suffering, her love life is too.

Earlier this week, Natasha, 29, told The Sun how potential boyfriends freak out when she brings them back to her flat once they clock her stuffed teddies collection.

The former Royal Mail worker fell in love with the cat aged 15 when her friend bought her a Hello Kitty notebook.

She was instantly hooked and has now splashed out on everything from bags, bedding, furniture and clothes to more than 4,000 cuddly toys – eight of which are three feet tall.

Every room of her one-bedroom flat in Devon is piled high with toys and each Kitty has a set place.

But her adoration for the little cat has got in the way of finding true love, and Natasha has lost boyfriends in the past because she refused to give up her collection.

‘I live in my little pink lagoon with all my kitties,’ explains Natasha, ‘they cheer me up and I like having them around me.

‘When I got the notebook I really liked it, then it gradually escalated. One day I’d love to have a Hello Kitty wedding with her on top of the cake. Boyfriends in the past have tried to make me give her up, so I got rid of them. It’s part of who I am and I’m not changing for anybody.’

Our feature writer Paisley secured Natasha an exclusive offer with The Sun and she is now securing her a magazine deal too.

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