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Sunday Mirror – ‘I had one twin, Mum had the other.’

Surrogate Article

Jessica contacted us from Indiana, in America, wanting to know how to sell her amazing surrogacy story. Over the past few years, Jessica had eight miscarriages, then her mother offered to be a surrogate for her. But just as her mum conceived, so did Jessica, and Jessica ended up with twins. Jessica’s story was sold […]

Sunday Mirror – ‘I lost my memory at 16.’

Memory Girl Article Image

  Jessica Day got in touch wanting to talk about the skiing accident which saw her lose her entire memory. She and her mother gave moving interviews about how they were trying to rebuild Jessica’s memory and help her relearn her entire life again – from scratch. Her story was sold to the Sunday Mirror, […]

The Daily Mail – ‘I’m Britain’s youngest sex change patient.’

Sex Change Article Image

Alex Thornton emailed us asking ‘How do I sell my story’.At the time, Alex was set to be the youngest girl in Britain to have a sex change. We sold her story to the Daily Mail, Woman magazine, and Alex was innundated with offers from documentary companies wanting to follow her through the process.

Daily Mail – ‘Sued, for refusing to hire a Muslim woman in a headscarf’

Sarah Desros Image

Sarah Desrosiers got in touch when she found herself at the centre of a media storm. She enlisted us to help her manage press attention. Sarah had found herself making headlines when she was sued by a Muslim woman who she’d turned down for a job because she wore a headscarf. Sarah, who ran a hairdressing […]