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How to sell a traumatic story | Talk to the Press

Have you been the victim of a horror attack or accident and bravely come out the other side? Would you like to sell a traumatic story?

If the answer is yes, Talk to the Press can help you sell a traumatic story. We’ll help you share your story with the press in the USA and around the world.

Yasmin Adam contacted Talk to the Press after she was mauled by her nine-year-old pit bull. An attack which left her without an ARM.

Yasmin shared her story with the world

Traumatized Yasmin, 45, was left lying in a pool of blood and fearing for her life after her beloved pup Sir Hinkles mauled her.

Yasmin was forced to have her arm amputated from above the elbow after bloodthirsty Sir Hinkles chewed on the bone in her left arm for nine minutes before police arrived and shot him dead.

The brave pet-owner was keen to warn other dog-owners about the dangers associated with owning this breed and share her brave story of triumph through adversity.

How we helped Yasmin sell a traumatic story

Yasmin got in touch with Talk to The Press by calling our US office and speaking to a journalist, who conducted a sensitive interview about her traumatic experience.

Yasmin emailed pictures and videos of Sir Hinkles and her injuries after the attack to the editorial team to accompany the article.

The article appeared on a number of websites in the US and UK. These included the Daily Mail, Inside Edition, The Sun, Daily Star and Daily Mirror.

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More information about how to sell a traumatic story to newspapers, magazines and websites

Talk to the Press is a free service that helps you navigate the media and we will help you every step of the way.

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