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How can I sell my story to the Daily Mail?

“How can I sell my story to the Daily Mail and Mail Online, and get the biggest payment possible?”

Would you like to see your story on the Daily Mail and Mail Online, one of the world’s biggest news websites? Would you like to be interviewed about your experiences on the Emmy Award-winning Daily Mail TV show?

If so, you have come to the right place – just fill out one of our story forms and a reporter will get back to you shortly to discuss your options.

How one woman made money by sharing her story with the Daily Mail

LaTanya Young called the New York office of Talk To The Press because she felt that her story could be in the news.

She was the daughter of Dr Dre, the superstar rapper and producer, but she had not seen her dad in 17 years.

While her father was believed to be worth $800million, LaTanya struggled for money, even relying on assistance at one point.

She felt sure people would be interested to read her story. However, she had once tried to share her experience with TMZ and been turned down.

Our reporter spoke to LaTanya and conducted an interview. We were sure that we could place her story with a massive publication and get her a great deal.

How do you get paid for your story

Our reporter wrote up the story, double checked the facts, collected photographs and contacted an editor at the Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail loved the story and agreed to pay LaTanya a generous fee for her story and her time. They also asked her to appear on their TV show Daily Mail TV via Skype.

Our reporter coached LaTanya for the interview, ensuring that she was calm. The reporter also read through the copy with LaTanya so she could be certain we had done justice to her story.

Seeing your story online in the Daily Mail

LaTanya was thrilled to see her story on the Daily Mail website with the red tab ‘exclusive’.

She was even more happy with the generous fee which she received within days via PayPal.

We expect LaTanya to make even more money with the story selling to other publications and possibly television shows.

I’m ready to sell my story to the Daily Mail and Mail Online…

If you are ready to sell your story to the national press and make big money. All you need to do is get in touch with the team at Talk To The Press.

Fill out one of our story forms, putting in the details of your story and the best email address and phone number to reach you on. We will be in touch!

It’s an easy stress-free process with big rewards.

We look forward to hearing your story and seeing it make headlines around the world!

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